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    Draft Inducers

    Field Draft Inducers solve the drafting problems caused by short chimneys, undersized vent pipes and negative building pressures.

    Draft Inducers are designed for easy installation in a wide variety of applications, including oil or gas-fired furnaces, water heaters, and boilers. For venting single or multiple appliances, use a control kit.

    When to use a Draft Inducer

    • Long horizontal vent runs
    • Undersized vent pipes
    • Short chimneys
    • Outside exposed chimney

    How Draft Inducers Work

    1. Thermostat calls for heat.
    2. Control Kit (A) energizes Draft Inducer (B).
    3. Draft Inducer forces air flow in chimney, creating negative pressure in burner chamber.
    4. Once negative pressure (draft) is established, the Control Kit allows the burner (C) to start.
    5. When the thermostat is satisfied, the Control Kit shuts down the burner and the Draft Inducer.