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    The MPC Platinum control Series is designed to operate a steam boiler or a steam valve to provide steam outdoor reset in single-pipe and two-pipe steam heating systems. Utilizing the steam cycle concept and the outdoor temperature, the control varies the duration of the steam supply to the building in a cycle based on the outdoor temperature. Each of these options has a set of pre-configured, but adjustable settings to meet the specific needs of each building. The MPC Platinum will reduce fuel costs while maintaining a more comfortable space temperature.

    The MPC Platinum offers multiple communication options. The Internet communication package offers a large group of optional sensors that can be monitored, logged, and alarm set. In addition, Heat-Timer can provide a cellular Internet connection to the control (See Internet communication ). The BACnet Communication package provides BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP compatibility in addition to the capability of communicating using other protocols when used with a Fieldserver gateway. The Modbus Communication package provide Modbus RTU Communication capability to the MPC Platinum control.

    With its 80 character alphanumeric display and easy-to-use menu structure, changing settings is a snap. In addition, it incorporates Shutdown and Prove inputs for EMS capability.