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    Mcdonnell & Miller (153828) PSE-801-U-120 Steam Boiler Low Water Cutoff 120volt with Extended Probe.

    The Series PSE-800 probe type LWCO uses patented technology to monitor changes in water conductivity. When defined parameters are exceeded the new PSE-800 makes a decision to shut the burner off based on the volatility/variability of the resistance readings. This new patented technology provides the best protection possible without turning off the boiler unless a low water condition exists. As an added measure of safety, the control will turn off the boiler if it recognizes an out-of-water condition when the sensitivity threshold is exceeded.

    Features and Benefits

    • Green power is on indicating LED
    • Red low water indicating LED
    • 30 second DOM
    • Test button
    • Self-Cleaning probe
    • No lock out with loss of power if probe is in water
    • Provisions to add water feeder of alarm
    • Models available with:
    • 120 VAC
    • 24 VAC (meets ANSIZ21.13a specification)
    • “U” probe (extended barrel)
    • “FIX2” probe (remote)

    Steam Boilers Hot Water Boilers
    Reset Type:Automatic
    Max Pressure (PSI):15 psi (Steam)160 psi (Hot Water)
    Features:w/ Extension Barrel
    Max Temp (F):250°F
    Sensitivity:7000 ohms
    Voltage: 120v
    Electrical Ratings (AFL):3.75 A @ 240 VAC
    Electrical Ratings (ALR):43.2 A @ 120 VAC21.6 A @ 240 VAC
    Electrical Ratings (AFL):7.5 A @ 120 VAC
    Max Ambient Temp (°F):120°F