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    24 inch Thermocouple provides 30 mV output.

    The Q340A thermocouples sense the pilot flame on standing pilot gas-fired heating systems. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, producing a temperature differential between it and the base to generate 30 millivolts.


    • Push-in clip, split nut, or adapter assembly available (depending on model) for easy pilot burner installation.
    • Male nut connector for Pilotstat┬« safety control power units.
    • Available in a variety of lead lengths.

    Product Specifications

    Thermocouple for Standing Pilot Applications
    Adapter and Push In Clip
    Tradeline Value
    Temperature Ratings (C)
    Hot Junction--760 C; Cold Junction--416 C
    Temperature Ratings (F)
    Hot Junction--1400 F; Cold Junction--780 F
    30 mV; Open circuit output--26 mV to 32 mV
    Connection Type
    11/32 32 Male Connector Nut
    0.02 ohms
    Length (in.)
    24 in.
    Length (mm)
    610 mm