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    Honeywell 50VA Fan Center with DPST switching action.

    Provides low voltage control of line voltage fan motors and auxiliary circuits in heating, cooling, or air conditioning systems.


    • Transformer powers low voltage control systems and provides overload protection.
    • Low voltage terminal board provides convenient connections for thermostat and heating and cooling equipment wiring.
    • Mounts on standard 4 x 4 in. junction box. •Relay is easily replaced without disturbing wiring.

    Product Specifications

    For 24 Vac fan control applications
    Dimensions (in.)
    4 3/16 in. high, 4 1/2 in. wide, 2 13/16 in. deep.
    Dimensions (mm)
    106 mm high, 114 mm wide, 71 mm deep
    For Hydronic Applications; use with SV9600 SmartValve™ System and other systems that require 50 VA capacity
    Electrical Ratings
    11 W maximum
    60 Hz
    Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    UL Component Recognized; File No. E4436, Vol.15, Sec.1, Guide No.XAPX2
    Approvals, CSA
    Certified: File No. LR95329-17
    Supply Voltage
    50 VA; 26.5 V - Secondary
    120 Vac
    Switching Action
    DPST (One Power Rated, One Pilot Duty)
    3/4 HP