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    Item #: SR501-4
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    Taco SR501-4 1 Zone Switching Relay


    External Indicator Lights

    Universal Replaceability

    Snap-in PC Board

    Simplified Wiring

    Sealed Relays

    Fuse Protected Outputs

    100% Factory Tested

    Contractor Friendly PC Board Layout

    Universal Thermostat Compatibility

    UL Approved

    Extended 3 Year Warranty


    Connect a thermostat to the “T T” terminals

    on the switching relay. When the thermostat

    calls for heat, the relay is energized and power

    is given to the circulator.

    Power Input:

    Connect 120 volt ac power to terminals N

    and H.

    Jumper Placement:

    The jumper is factory installed between terminals H and 3 to switch power on terminals

    4 n/o and 4 n/c.

    Terminal Description:

    T & T Thermostat Connection

    COM Common side of transformer, to power some

    setback thermostats

    N Neutral wire of power input

    H Hot wire of power input

    3 Common terminal for 4 n/o and 4 n/c

    4 n/o Normally open terminal

    4 n/c Normally closed terminal

    6 n/c Normally closed terminal

    6 n/o Normally open terminal

    5 Common terminal for 6 n/o and 6 n/c

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